Ditch the Mat…Pilates Mat

If you stay in Elmhurst, Lake Forest or Wilmette area of Chicago, and you feel like you have not been getting enough from the Pilates you do alone at home, here is that opportunity you have been looking for.

A Pilate studio is now in your neighborhood. So why not loosen up, ditch the mat and enjoy an evening of Pilates with friends and family. You will definitely love it.
With all of the machines, the fantastic atmosphere and a qualified tutor to put you through the phases. There is nothing much better than that.


Is your core in need of a quick fix, or are you trying to work on your flexibility and strength? Are you an athlete training for an upcoming competition? Either way, whether you are an amateur or a professional honing your body for an event. Pilates can come in just fine for you. With the classical Pilates exercise consisting of over 600 exercise moves, all with their own modification and variation, there is no limit to how much you can go. Pilates will give you the avenue to push yourself to the max without breaking yourself or a sweat.

So whatever you are looking for, a light curl or just some simple breathing sequences that will work out your core while you feel no pain, Pilates is the way to go and there is no better place to execute those moves you have got in mind than our top-notch studio. You should check us out today. You will be glad you did.


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