Exercise and Sleep

Exercise and Sleep? Does both these words sound familiar to you? Obviously, yes!

For getting good health, it is necessary to keep yourself mentally, and physically fit. And so, exercise and sleep come one step ahead. The logic behind combing these two terms is simple: To keep ourselves physically fit, exercise is of great importance, similarly, to keep our nerves relax and in working position, taking sound sleep in mandatory.

So, today in this article, we will see how these two terms are interlinked with each or can be.

According to the NSF, almost 40% of people in America are suffering from a sleep problem due to stress, anxiety, depression and working patterns. Well, this is an alarming sign for their health. If you want to improve your exercise and sleep, then you need to look at these three ways by which you can improve exercise and sleep.

Three best ways exercise and sleep improve each other

Since childhood, we have been listening have a good night’s sleep, but have you ever think why parents and elders give so much stress to have a sound sleep at night? Let’s find out!

  1. Workouts reduce anxiety:

No doubt, exercise helps in reducing insomnia by decreasing depressive symptoms.  The reason is when we do exercise over muscles get relaxed and come in their original form. However, according to one physiologic explanation: Certain exercises may improve the tone of your muscles of the upper airway. Similarly, according to the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine: When exercise induces a deeper, you can get more restorative sleep. So, in this way, both these terms can be interlinked with each other to give us benefit.

  1. Exercise gets you ready to sleep:

Well, this makes sense to me at least. If you work hard before going to bed, then surely you will be able to get the sound sleep. The reason is when you do exercise, you trying to eliminate all the stress that you have had in your body before doing exercise. When one thinks to do workout according to schedule, the body starts adopting these patterns and eventually, become habitual of the workout. However, most people think that doing hard work before going to bed can disturb their sleep. Well, this is not true at all.

According to a survey, people who do exercise at least 2 hours are more likely to enjoy sound sleep than to those who don’t do.

  1. Better sleep means better workout:

That doesn’t mean you need to work out the whole day. Let give your body some space so that it doesn’t exhaust. According to studies, it is necessary to have a better sleep to keep supporting better workout. If you fail to get sound sleep, the workout will not affect your health.

Tips to get sound sleep

  • Try to limit light and noises in your room
  • Keep stick to a schedule even around your weekends
  • Invest in a more comfortable pillow and mattress
  • Always turn off electronics before going to bed

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