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What you do not know is that your purpose to fitness and beauty can be brought to success without even going to the gym, or wasting a lot of money on anything else, if you pick your workout right and determined to follow suit. The superior can very well be Pilates if you are looking for healthy and toned gist muscles and good body shape.


Although Pilates is not a new form of exercising still it has become known very recently, as people started becoming informed of its health advantages. Persons’ starting from movie stars to senior citizens to sportsmen and women have started engaging in a Pilate’s fitness program. Many people stay away from this as they believed that these are only for developing abs or their gist muscles. However, there are much more related to Pilates, such as bolstering the whole body to achieve body balance, flexibility, posture and other features. It can be called a blend of yoga, martial art and several western forms of exercises.


There are many fitness programs that are designed to suit beginners as well as the higher learner. As soon as one resolves to engage himself in a program, he/she should choose what kind of program whether group sessions, pair, or individual is appropriate for them.
On enrolling in a class, a beginner must always keep five things in mind
• Centering
• Concentration
• Precision
• Control
• Breathe flow
These are the fundamental principles involved in all Pilate’s exercises regardless of the equipment one is using. Pilates includes the whole body and mind, and as one begins to do these exercises the concentration is brought upon by the whole body. This not only assists one to do the exercise effectively but also helps the body get used to each and every move. Though these are the fundamentals, a beginner will know much more when he or she engages in a Pilate’s fitness program. As a beginner, one does not have to be bothered about the adaptability, as it is a beginner welcoming fitness program.



Pilate’s fitness program is designed for everybody and anybody. From sportspersons to nonsport persons, pregnant women and people who are fleshy and oversized can do these style of exercise. Pilates is actually satisfactory for people with low mobility and pains in joints too, as it improves the level of activeness.


Originally Pilates was fashioned by a German fitness specialist Joseph Pilates. It is believed that this kind of exercise procedure was devised by him for people who were hurt in the World War II.
Improved muscle tone
Muscle tone is necessary for physical performance. You do not have to be tearing, but a good tone is an indication of the minimized body fat level and good health.
Improved mental concentration
It’s not hard to say what merits improved mental focus can achieve. You will be sharper, clever, be able to pay attention easily, be excelling at decision making have better perception overall and hence streamline focus.
Better posture
One of the most important benefits is on your body posture. Good posture is essential to good, physical and mental health. Low posture can lead to low concentration, while improved posture increases concentration.
Stress reduction
Exercise, in general, is a stress reducer. Nevertheless, Pilate’s incorporation of mental as well as physical exercises highlights the stress-reducing benefits. In our lives, stress is a key factor in illness, disease, and death. So if you can reduce the stress you can be healthy and live longer.


Pilates classes that are affordable and effective:
Elmhurst Pilates Studio: 124 N York st Elmhurst, IL 60126
Wilmette Pilates Studio: 332 Ridge Rd Wilmette 60091
Lake Forest Pilates Studio:  225 E Deerpath Rd Lake Forest IL 60045




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