Pilates and Fitness

Very few Fitness regimes can be sustained without engaging in Pilates and although the name may sound funny, the precision and accuracy that comes with it isn’t and definitely your Fitness and Health will get better for it.

A few weeks of Pilates will ensure you get fit and you will be healthier for it.

An amazing fact to note is that Pilates can do the trick for you particularly if you are a lover of simple routine. It can get you fit without getting too sweaty, and it could also make its mark with you if you like getting all buffed up and muscular- all you need to do is to do the routine in addition to your regular sequences. After all, the goal of engaging in exercises is to stay fit and to stay healthy.

But in all, here is how Pilates can help you stay fit like a pro:

Posture improvements.

Posture plays a huge role in the perception of a person whether it is a stay at home mom or a professional athlete. The average human is hard wired to see some postures as unfit and to see some as fit. Are you looking to change people’s perception about your posture, or do you have a good posture and you want to maintain it? Enroll in our Pilates class today.
Increases core strength, stability: With its intricately designed sequence of exercise Pilates improve the three muscles that are collectively referred to as the body core, these are – the rectus abdominis (the six-pack), external oblique (sides of your abdomen), and the rectus femoris (muscle in your leg that is part of the quads). This, in turn, increases stability, better than any other traditional exercises, and also helps to increase your core strength while helping you keep fit and Healthy. If you have spent so much time working on your core using other exercise routine, it’s time you switch over to Pilates.


Enhances Functional Fitness and flexibility:

Perhaps you are not a Fitness buff, Pilates can equally be of benefit to you. Engaging in Pilates means you increase your functional Fitness and flexibility, and these two key points can impact heavily upon how easily you manage your day to day activities. Why not allow this unique exercise routine help you do things faster and with more ease?

Helps reduce injuries:

Majorities of the injuries athletes and non-athletes suffer from is due to stiffness of body part. Pilates consists of routines that helps the body gain flexibility and control, thus, preventing injuries that are due to stiffness. Since prevention is better than cure, you can trust Pilates to help you stay fit for longer, healthier and who would ask for anything better?

Overall, Pilates will help you lead a fit, Healthy life and still ensure you don’t stress yourself out all in the name of trying to get fit. It seems like the one-size fit all exercise routine for the busy executives.
You don’t need to go about lifting dead weights, although, you could still do if you love lifting them, but here is the catch: Pilates can solve that Fitness and Health issue, if only you will allow – will you?


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