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Our Pilates Workouts are designed to build strength, control, and flexibility.
Are you interested in getting a strong and powerful core? If so, don’t wait and sign up for our Private or semi Private Pilates classes? We are located in the center of Lake Forest

Pilates Lake Forest. The right Pilates Studio for you.

Fitness4Ever is a Lake Forest Fitness Studio that offers Pilates Classes that can help you transform your existence and body. Our instructors are enthusiastic and experienced Pilates experts who can help you get in shape and feel better than ever before.
Pilates has stood the test of time because of its effectiveness at strengthening muscles, assisting with overall body flexibility, decreasing back pain and improving the mind-body connection. Plus, it’s fun, safe, energizing and oh-so-relaxing.

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Excellent Options in Pilates Classes

Fitness4Ever is the solution! We’re a friendly Pilates Studio that offers classes that are suitable for people of all age groups. It doesn’t matter if you’re an older lady who wants to remain as fit as a fiddle. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hard-working 25 year-old tennis player who wants to stay on top of the game. We have Pilates Classes that can serve you well. When you need private Pilates classes, you can count on us. These are customized classes that accommodate peoples’ individual goals and requirements.
We focus on the individual by developing a whole understanding of each client’s wellness needs and to build customized plan.

Getting Started with us.

Private sessions are the best way to start Pilates because this workout is specifically tailored for each individual client. Please check our offers. You can start with Semi Private Sessions if you have a workout partner at the same fitness level and with similar fitness goals. We offer also Private Pilates Sessions and Experience Packages.
The Professionally Certified Pilates Instructor is available to take you through a Pilates Workout suited to your body and its needs

Pilates in Lake Forest

Private and Semi Private Classes and Sessions

Our classes cater to all different types of people. They cater to people who are dealing with significant injuries and who want to recover. They cater to people who simply want to achieve peak physical fitness, too.

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Call, email or stop by our studio today to learn more about our rewarding, in-depth and budget-friendly Pilates classes. We’re waiting for you!

Our Location in Lake Forest:
The Pilates of Lake Forest
225 E Deerpath Rd Lake Forest IL 60045