Pilates = Health Benefits

There are plenty of competing fitness programs out there nowadays. Proponents of each of them declare that their routine is the one which will transform your body and change you life.

You need to get in better shape but you do not want to end up hurting yourself or burning yourself out on a program that ultimately isn’t sustainable. You aren’t attempting to look like a bikini model or a body builder. You aren’t keen on spending your whole life in a gym either. You just want to increase your health and well being.

Seems like you should visit a Pilates studio find out what they’re about.

One of the benefits that has made Pilates so popular is that it can be done just about anywhere and all you really need to do a Pilates work out is a soft mat.
While there are Pilates machines, the basic principles of the exercise is to use the body itself as a resistance while working the core muscles. This type of resistance is also sometimes called dynamic tension.

Starting a Pilates exercise regimen is relatively inexpensive once you purchase the mat. There is no need to wear special shoes or clothing and unless you decide to buy a Pilates machine, exercise ball or weights to enhance your work out there is nothing else to buy. There are many gyms that offer Pilates classes which are included in the gym membership cost.
There are also lots of Pilates studios that offer Pilates classes and rates vary from studio to studio.

Pilates classes that are affordable and effective:
Elmhurst Pilates Studio: 124 N York st Elmhurst, IL 60126
Wilmette Pilates Studio: 332 Ridge Rd Wilmette 60091
Lake Forest Pilates Studio:  225 E Deerpath Rd Lake Forest IL 60045

Physically, the major benefit of doing Pilates that draws many people to begin practicing it is that it creates a long, lean and toned look rather than a bulky or stocky one, that many other methods of strength training produce. The exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, the father of Pilates, were designed to fully engage each muscle that the particular exercise targets. The movements are done slowly and the movement from one to the next should flow smoothly.
Both elements create a workout that puts less stress on the joints than other forms of strength training.

Can you imagine getting a more sculpted core, toned body and improved posture within 5 classes? It happens all the time around here.
Our Pilates Studio is more challenging and dynamic than any Pilates workout you’ve ever experienced

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