Pilates Mat Exercises

Do you know, the basic Pilates exercises are done on a mat? Nothing more is required.

The major focus of these exercises is strengthening abdominal and lower back muscles. This is beneficial especially for those who want to create an appearance of a flat stomach.

These exercises strengthen these core muscles by a series of low intensity and low impact operations. The primary advantage of doing the pilates exercises on the mat is that you are working independently of any supporting machine thus ensuring that the pilate exercises are more challenging. In these exercises, the muscles which you want to strengthen are used as resistance like the weights that are used in the gym. These exercises are rewarding especially for the abdominal muscles that are difficult to tone.

In performing these exercises, you will not have to rely on any other equipment but yourself and the Pilates Mat. However, it is essential that these exercises be taught by a qualified instructor. You can purchase a video to help you follow the exercises but it is important to have an instructor to monitor your movements and ensure you are positioned correctly.
With our pilates instructor, you will learn the best way to execute a movement as well as prevent you from potential injuries during the exercise.


For the sake of your safety, ensure you have the proper tuition. In planning to attend a Pilates Exercises, it is crucial that you check the teaching credentials of your instructor and ensure that he or she is fully qualified to instruct you.

The best principles are adopting to attend a class where you can find an instructor to demonstrate the exercises properly and ensure correct posture. Besides, your instructor can also understand your limitations. You can still choose to exercise varying out the movements in front of a video. In choosing to exercise this way you ought to be aware of not over-stretching your body or trying a new movement without supervision. It’s a matter of confidence and training.

Do you want to create an appearance of a flat stomach? Try Pilates exercises!

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