Pilates on Vacation

We all once in a week, month or a year need a break from our routine. Whether the break is from work, school, and home or from the family responsibilities, we want it and it’s natural. The break is only meant to refresh our mind, fill us with a great sense of relief, adventure and at the same time get a chance to relax.

We all tend to use these kinds of breaks to go on vacation. However, there is one thing that we should not take a vacation from and that is-Our Health.

Probably the aim of taking a vacation is to get away from all the nerve-racking responsibilities but in this way, sometimes you can find yourself losing your regular fitness routine. So, what about Pilates? Pilates on Vacation?
We understand how uncomfortable is to get on flights, long drives, and check-ins that can leave you feeling creaky and numbed, while at the same time a hectic schedule can leave a person shattered with a lowered immune system.


No doubt when traveling, it is much easier to fall out of daily exercise routine. After all, vacation is all about keeping yourself away from daily chores. However, for some kind of vacations apart from sedentary may require a lot of walking or a vigorous form of activity can easily take place such as swimming, hiking, cycling. Either of these situations can lead to stiffness as the body embraces to either increased or decreased movement.

However, practicing Pilates when you are on vacation is really easy and fantastic way to get body feeling more relaxed, energized, while at the same time feeling rested.
Pilates on Vacation-Live Healthy Life.
Yes, you can practice Pilates on your vacation, as it helps you to keep yourself in motion and at the same time provide you enough relaxation to enjoy your holidays. If you are Pilates’ lover, you must be familiar with the basic principles of it and that is proper spinal alignment, keep abdominal active, use of more breath, core muscles. No doubt with continuous movement you can keep your body in better posture and avoid aches, pains and at the same time with Pilates can balance your exercise and vacation.

So, here are some effective ways that you can adapt to keep Pilates on vacation with you.
• You can practice good posture while sitting in your car or airplane.
• Wherever you are whether it is a theme park or some recreational place, you can stretch while standing. Yes, with this strategy you can develop a great connection between your mind and body that promotes health and efficient movements.
• You can plan any kind of healthy activity that indirectly promotes Pilates practice even during the hectic schedules. Those plans that require movement, amazingly add-on Pilates mat exercises and stretches. The movements like roll up, roll over, side plank kick, etc.

Being mindful and able to maintain your spinal alignment and muscles in correct position make your vacations even healthier. So, do more Pilates to feel relaxed and calm and move active with every walk.

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