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Our Pilates Studio in Lake Forest is dedicated to the original Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates. Our studio is committed to delivering the best fitness instruction and always addressing our client’s fitness goals

Stretch. Strength. Control. A unique approach to physical conditioning using custom apparatus and over 500 original exercises to lengthen and strengthen the human body.

Exercising to look in shape is everyone’s dream these days. Most of us try hard to meet the requirements to please the bodily needs by choosing the best combination of exercising and equipments. To get their heath goals, most people are choosing traditional Pilates studios where many people are moving towards modern gyms and community centers to get a pie of latest technology products to please interests. Due to the modern changes, individuals are quite confused about the use of the available technologies; choose your plan carefully to produce the desired results in the most cost-effective manner.

Exclusive, intimate, personalized Pilates only in our Pilates Classes in Lake Forest

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The Popular Pilates Method.

Earlier, many people were used to think that the present method has been obscure training process that only a few relate to. Only a few realized the worth of the method discovered by Joseph Pilates. Unfortunately, for a large period, the method was unpracticed and unknown to millions. Gradually, the method was well-versed with its targeted audiences and people again started taking interest in it.

The increasing demands of Pilates way of exercising lower down the demands of traditional Pilates Studios at an extent. It is also because of the fact that clients want to avail such classes in their local gyms and recreation centers.
In today’s tough economic scenario, Pilates studio owners are struggling hard to make their survival. However, in order to make them profitable, the owners have to open up their services with great visual attractions.
If you are a owner, pull your limits to make the sound sale or for users, these classes are the best way to ensure you get your fitness goals easily.

Pilates Lake Forest. Yes, you can change your body with Pilates!

One of the things I truly believe is that changing your body with exercise (Pilates in particular) is absolutely within your control. But it needs to start in your mind. Not the way you might be thinking, in terms of motivation, which, of course, is important to keep you interested. By “in your mind” I mean that you need to develop awareness in your brain about your body, with real focus on what you are doing.
This happens by waking up muscles that you never even knew you had (literally) and making them strong. It also happens by simply paying attention.
By taking note of the subtleties of the movements you make with your body.
By using imagery to place and position your body correctly so that normal movements feel effortless.
By quieting your brain, listening to your own breath, noticing your habits, tendencies and weaknesses and working on them.

This is what Joe Pilates had in mind when he came up with his principles, Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision, Fluidity, Breath.
All of these principles are what make a Pilates exercise. Performing exercises with all of these qualities in mind is the challenge and also what separates Pilates from other types of exercises that address “core strength”.

In our Pilates Classes in Lake Forest we Focus On Restoring Neutral Joint Position, Range Of Motion, Flexibility And Coordination By Training Your Core Muscles.

How to our group! Fitness4ever  is all what you need!
Fitness4ever is a Pilates studio that proffers its outstanding Pilates Training,
under the supervision of NPTI certified personal trainer, Kasia Gil.
Our locaton in Lake Forest

Pilates Studio and Pilates Classes in Lake Forest, IL We are committed to a sound mind and body through intelligent exercise. Located in Lake Forest, our Pilates classes offers a comfortable setting for students of all ages, genders, and abilities. Offering a professional, safe, and fun environment benefits our clients with a renewed sense of wellness, improved flexibility, and increased strength.

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