Breathing – Pilates Basic Principles

There’s a lot of question about how do I breathe in Pilates. Pilate modifies the breathing technique and enhances the intake of oxygen to the body. This signifies a vast improvement to the blood circulation and hence increasing the intake of oxygen content and decreasing the toxin congestion.

Apparently the phenomenon drastically helps in complete detoxification of the body. Better metabolism increases the presence of energy to a greater degree. Hence the mental and physical fatigue is minimized to lowest level ever. This also strengthens the lungs which in turn improves the respiratory system sufficiently.

Though  Pilates is similar to yoga still it is a very different exercising technique. Unlike yoga it does not require any meditation on its part. Just  simple breathing exercises can  create mind clarity and helps in calming the body aggressiveness. One is in total control of its own self. This also boosts self confidence and keeps the body satisfied and away from any unwanted substance.

In Pilates we work on breathing laterally through the rib cage meaning like the ribs going side to side almost like pillows popping up and pulling back down. In Pilates exercise even if the belly will move when you breathe (and that’s a good thing) you want to think of the movement happening more through the rib cage because most of the exercises you’ll be focused on scooping your abdominal in and up.

New to Pilates and wondering how to get started?