Personal Training Plans

We offer personalized training program specifically design for you and your goals. Our program helps to improve flexibility, increase energy level and a range of motion. We help with stress management and fat loss. Fitness4ever offers one on one small group virtual sessions. All sessions are live and with your trainer via Zoom or FaceTime.

one on one personal programs
I will create a personal fitness plan based on your goals, preferences & personality. Your workout plan will be modified and updated regularly so your body keeps its transformation going and you won't feel bored or discouraged with the same exercises day by day.

text and email support
You won't be left by yourself with all the nutrition, meal and workout plan. I offer a full text and e-mail support to stay in touch with you and track your progress. It is very important to stay connected, to constantly improve your fitness plan according to current needs, capatibilities and goals.

nutrition and fitness resources
Learn about the health benefits of physical activity, and find resources like nutrition details, healthy life solutions and useful articles, that will support your fitness journey, and keep you posted with interesting information

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