Health Coaching

Explore grocery stores to discover healthy food options.

Learn how to prepare easy healthy dishes.

Do a healthy makeover of your refrigerator.

Individual approach! One on one personal program.

I offer a 6 month program when we meet twice a month for 45 min. The cost is $180 a month. I provide you with cooking recipes and meal plans to help you with your journey to a healthier and happier you.

What you’ll get with coaching?

healthy recipes
By joining my coaching program you will get full support and plenty of delicious, healthy recipes you'll actually look forward to eat. They will change your comfort food favorites by adding more fresh veggies and swapping out cooking ways. You will be able to explore wide selection of delicious healthy meals that are packed with the good stuff and don’t take the precious flavor. Whether you’re after a light pasta dish, a crunchy noodle salad,or a veggie packed soup, I've got you covered!

meal planning
My hollistic nutrition coaching plan gives you many healthy options to choose from, and 100% customized for you meal plans. Enjoy the fun of cooking without the stress of planning everything from a scratch. Each week I will provide you with new recipe set and a shopping list for each meal. Upon your request, I can assist you with shopping.

personalized grocery experience
I will share with you all my experience and knowledge to help you make healthy grocery decisions, that will affect your daily habits and routine. I will assist you during grocery shopping and make sure you get answers for all your questions.

advanced care for your wellbeing
Fulfilling career, physical activity and healthy relationships satisfy your hunger for life. When you’re in balance you feel happy. I teach about physical exercise and nutrition but also how to balance your primary and secondary food, importance of spiritual practice and how to become the best version of yourself.

During the whole journey, I will be there to support you, you won't be left by yourself with all the nutrition, meal and workout plan. I offer a full text and e-mail support to stay in touch with you and track your progress. It is very important to stay connected, to constantly improve your fitness plan according to current needs, capatibilities and goals.

Also, I will share my knowledge about the health benefits of physical activity, and I will help you with a bunch of complete resources like nutrition details, healthy life solutions and useful articles, that will support your fitness journey, and keep you posted with interesting information


Feel the difference inside.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are.