Pilates is a Defense Against Aging

Joseph Pilates was the brilliant innovative mind who introduced an exercise system that bears his name.

Surprisingly this seemingly New Age development took place during the early part of the 1900’s. First developed to assist in the recovery process of injured soldiers, his concept was well ahead of the time.
It promised physical benefits by using fewer but more detailed exercises using complicated apparatuses that allowed for complete and injury free movement.

Pilates is surging in response to other fitness trends.

Pilates is becoming popular once more as the general population is aging and those in this category feel that having a trained instructor would be a valuable addition to any exercise program. Pilates Instructors can expedite the various positions and encourage the practitioner, saving them from strain and injury.
As we age we are finding our once supple bodies are losing flexibility and range of motion. Those of us can completely take advantage of an instructor to help to repair physical deficiencies that aging, unfortunately, brings on.

For those unfamiliar with the technique, it is a regime of flexations that uses apparatuses and the help of another person, a Private Pilates Instructor skilled in the art and who knows how much strain various muscles can take when engaging in this discipline.

The student with the aid of the Pilates Instructor assumes and extends poses bringing relief to the body and allowing for a greater range of motion.

As always, having an instructor skilled and practiced in Pilates is of utmost importance to anyone interested in trying this physical regime. All adherents can greatly benefit from these techniques.

Too many people lead sedentary lives and do not benefit from simple exercises such as walking or swimming because of the diminishing physical strength that age takes away from them.

Those who choose to do nothing physical will find themselves locked in a vicious cycle and they must come to the understanding that exercise is the only way out of the situation, the only cure.
Healthy eating trends lead us toward vegetarian diets and many adherents continue it into their golden years while others remain in line with the diets and outlooks of the previous generation. This comes at a time when octogenarians are not vegetating on their front porches but are training for marathons and other tests of physical endurance that were once reserved for teenagers.
This is proof positive of the benefits of exercise and following a healthy diet. Undertaking this regime with a private pilates instructor is a perfect step toward turning the clock back and making all aspects of one’s life more meaningful and enjoyable.

New to Pilates and wondering how to get started?